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March 8, 2013
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One can envisage an energy landscape in these several hundred variables (Susskind 2003) or multiverses. Within this landscape there will be countless local minima, each corresponding to a possible quantum vacuum state, and each a possible low-energy physical world. One of the parameters determined by each local minimum is the value of that minimum itself, which receives a well-known interpretation in terms of Einstein’s cosmological constant, Λ.        DAVIES (2004)
EINSTEIN (Cos Const) 1931                            Einstein’s original cosmological blunder  [79]
Einstein,A.,“Zum kosmologischenProblem derallgemeinenRelativit ̈atstheorie”,Sitzungs- ber.Preuss.Akad.Wiss.,142,235–237,(1931)
Hubble, E.P., “A Relation between Distance and Radial Velocity among Extra-Galactic Nebulae”, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA,15, 168–173, (1929)
LAMBDA – Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe  NASA


At one time the extreme flatness (Omega = 1) required at early epochs in order that the universe be even approximately flat now might have been regarded as fine tuning. But its very fineness spoke of a mechanistic explanation, such as is provided by inflation theory. It is possible that a mechanistic explanation may ultimately be forthcoming for the apparent extreme tuning of the cosmological constant, Lamda, although a revolution in fundamental physics is probably required to achieve it, Albrecht et al (2006). Alternatively, the fine tuning of Lamda may be an observer selection effect, Martel et al (1997), Weinberg (2005), Lineweaver (2007), Egan (2010).  BRADFORD (2010)

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