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March 8, 2013

It is widely accepted that at least some of the parameters in the standard model of particle physics are not “god-given” fundamental constants of nature, but assume the values they do as a result of some form of symmetry breaking mechanism. Their observed values may thus reflect the particular quantum state in our region of the universe. If the universe attained its present state by cooling from a super-hot initial phase, then these symmetries may have been broken differently in different cosmic regions. There is little observational evidence for a domain structure of the universe within the scale of a Hubble volume, but on a much larger scale there could exist domains in which the coupling constants and particle masses in the standard model may be inconsistent with life. It would then be no surprise that we find ourselves located in a, possibly atypical, life-encouraging domain, as we could obviously not be located where life was impossible.  DAVIES (2004)


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